Gluten-Free Menu

Dine In

(Please do mention Gluten-Free when ordering)



Crispy Smoked Shredded Chickens  £8.20

Salt & Pepper Chickens  £9.00

Crispy Seaweed  £5.00

Salt & Pepper Squids  £10.80

Salt & Pepper Aubergines  £8.20



Minced Chicken Lettuce Wrap  £10.80

Vegetables Lettuce Wrap  £9.20

Minced Seafood Lettuce Wrap  £13.80



Chicken With Ginger & Spring Onion  £9.80

Chicken in Thai Sweet Spicy Sauce  £9.80

Duck With Ginger & Spring Onion  £12.50

Sweet & Sour Chickens £9.80

Duck in Yellow Bean Sauce  £12.50

Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables  £6.80

Stir-fried Broccoli With Garlic  £8.00

Scallops With Ginger & Spring Onion  £16.60

King Prawns With Ginger & Spring Onion  £12.80


(Please note we can only ensure ours gluten-free food will be contain no gluten ingredients only as the food will still cook by the same fryer, wok or other kitchen equipment's)